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A Tragic Legacy

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, some say that you can find all of Africa’s problems: weak national leadership, eroding rule of law, HIV/AIDS and protracted tribal conflict. Violence, rape, and other human rights violations are prevalent.

Congolese civilians are caught in the vicious cycles of conflict and disease. Millions have died as a result. Refugees and internally displaced people number into the millions.

Hope for the Hopeless

But even in the world’s most war-torn regions, the power of Jesus can overcome the horrors of conflict. After years of warfare, the Church is the only social structure truly standing in Congo. It is the only hope of true peace for survivors of violence.

But the Church is traumatized. Many people in the Church have been displaced from their homes. They’ve fled as refugees, survived grave atrocities, lost entire crops and ran through the night in search of safety. Our Christian brothers and sisters in DR Congo face the same situations that their greater communities face — they’re not immune from struggle.

None of us can explain precisely why God allows suffering. But we do know that God redeems it — through his hands and feet, the Church. When a woman survives sexual violence, the Church will take her in, provide food and shelter and help her to care for her children. When cultural norms say that husbands should abandon their wives after rape — the Church works to debunk this lie and to reconcile marriages. The Church stands in the gap and speaks out against this injustice — teaching boys and men that women are created in God’s image and are to be respected and treasured. The Church can bring Hope to the hopeless.

A Trauma-Healing Initiative

Because of this, World Relief has developed and implemented a revolutionary trauma healing program, designed not only to bring Christ-centers healing to the traumatized within the Congolese Church, but also to train and equip them to bring healing to others.

Last year, Fellowship partnered with World Relief through Steps4Healing, raising funds and awareness by intentionally walking and praying throughout the summer. Through our support and World Relief’s action, we saw healing spread exponentially from person to person in Congo. We were taking back ground from the Enemy and reclaiming it in Jesus’ name!

Hope is Rising

But it didn’t just stay in Congo. As we prayed and took steps on behalf of our Congolese brothers and sisters, we also experienced healing in our own communities in Fort Wayne. When our hearts’ desires are aligned with God’s, we witness incredible things!

Will you join us this summer as we take Steps4Healing again?

Get in the Game

This summer, we will be individually counting steps for 14 weeks, with a goal of 100 million steps as a community (a lofty goal, which we met last year). Then we will gather on September 15 to engage in a 5k walk and festival together on the south side of Fort Wayne as a witness that we believe healing is possible.

  • After the official launch on June 9th, stop by Fellowship Missionary Church to pick up everything you need to get started. If you attend FMC, just swing by the Global Missions counter in the Atrium on a Sunday morning.

  • Log your steps each week and record them at fmc.church/steps.

  • Lastly, it costs $270 to train one person in the trauma-healing program. If 300 of us raise that amount, we will be able to pay for 300 more people to receive this life-giving training! Be creative...do a bake sale, sell a craft, have a garage sale, a car wash, or anything else your family wants to do!

Optionally, you can give directly to Steps4Healing anytime by visiting fmc.church/s4hgive.

Original blog post by World Relief